Science in the News 5: UK’s air-breathing rocket engine set for key tests

The UK project to develop a hypersonic engine that could take a plane from London to Sydney in about four hours is set for a key demonstration.

The Sabre engine is part jet, part rocket, and relies on a novel pre-cooler heat-exchanger technology.

This pre-cooler system will begin a new phase of testing in the next month or so in Colorado, US. Continue reading

Flame Event 2019

On Saturday 2nd March, Sixth Form students and Mrs C Gargett and Mr J Turver travelled to the SSE Wembley Arena for the 2019 CYMFED Flame event. Flame is the the biggest Catholic Youth event in the UK. This year the event was sold out to over 8000 young Catholics.

On Sunday 10th March, Siobhan, a present sixth form pupil and Mr Michael Kendall a past student currently studying at Northumbria University joined Fr Phill for a chat on BBC Tees about Flame and what it means for young Catholics.

World Book Day at Trinity

World Book Day is a celebration of authors, illustrators, books and- most importantly- reading! It is the biggest celebration of its kind, with over 100 countries taking part across the world. To celebrate World Book Day, Trinity students celebrated reading in both formtime and English lessons- with all students receiving a book voucher. Continue reading

Berlin Exchange Visit

During the Spring half-term break, Sixth Form languages student Alfie participated in an exchange visit to Berlin where he stayed with a host family. During his visit he was able to attend language lessons every morning and visited many iconic landmarks in the city during sightseeing  sessions.  Alfie was a credit to his family,  school and country during the visit to Berlin.  Klasse Alfie! Continue reading

Spring into Reading!

Spring into Reading for World Book Day!

On Thursday, 7 March Trinity Catholic College will be celebrating World Book Day. We encourage students and teachers to bring in their favourite book to enjoy during afternoon registration. Continue reading

Tesco Bags of Help Scheme – Voting Open!

Trinity Science & Environment Club – Tesco Bags of Help Scheme


Trinity Science & Environment Club is taking part in the customer vote for a Bags of Help grant from Tesco.  It’s a scheme which gives community projects like ours grants of up to £4,000 – all raised from the sale of carrier bags in Tesco stores.  Read more about our project here →

Continue reading