“My Voice” Project

Eight young people from Trinity Catholic College have taken part in a “My Voice” Resilience and Emotional Well-Being Programme, run by the Children’s Society, in partnership with the Virgin Money Foundation.

The “My Voice” Project focussed on Resilience and Emotional Well-being Group Work for young people running over 17 weeks and consists of a solution-focused approach, combining therapeutic techniques, and empowerment evaluation, to enhance childhood resilience and emotional well-being. It explores social, psychological, and physical barriers enabling young people to make safer choices, improve quality of life, and enhance transition to adulthood.

A presentation was held with representatives including The School; Mr S Carey, Assistant Headteacher at Trinity Catholic College, The Children’s Society Corporate Partnerships Manager Megan Roberts, Barclays Bank Programme Officer and Virgin Money Foundation  Rachel Kyle. Sarah Huckle and Mo Ali attended as The Children’s Society as lead Practitioners.

The young people talked about the Programme, their training, and what they have achieved to the guest representatives. Certificates were handed out by Rachel Kyle, which were awarded for completing the course and becoming young Peer Mentors.

The “My Voice” Resilience and Emotional Well Being Programme will now be rolled out after the Easter holidays to work with Year 7 pupils, who will be assisted by the help of the newly trained learning mentors. This innovative initiative will help keep Year 7 pupils safer in and outside School.