Science & Environment Club Visit to Blue Bell Beck

The Science and Environment Club was launched after the Easter break by Miss Dossett and Miss Jones.  The club meet on a Wednesday evening at 3:05-4pm in the Science Department. The club has an average of eight to ten students who attend on a weekly basis from Year 7-9 with a high proportion of more able Year 9s attending.

The purpose of the club is to make students aware of their surroundings and how they can improve them no matter how small. They also aim to protect and enhance any wildlife that surrounds us. The club has so far planted several plants and grown them from seed, made natural bird feeders using recycled or natural products and planted a small hedgerow. They are also currently taking part in the Wildlife Trust #30daysWild project whereby everyone can do something in nature every day for thirty days.

As part of #30 Days Wild Challenge, the Club recently visited Blue Bell Beck in Acklam.  Whilst there they had a little picnic and generally enjoyed being outdoors, close up with nature.

Photographs of the visit can be seen in the Gallery below, together with a short presentation of many of the other challenges carried out by the students.


#30 Days Wild Challenges