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Our Google Apps for Education partner, Realsmart, have recently released a new online homework tool. We are proud to have been the first school to test this system with students and from September 2016 all homework will be set using SmartHomework.

SmartHomework allows a teacher to easily set a homework task with submission dates and assign it to students. There are several key features to the system which we hope will help students complete their homework on time and become more organised and independent with their work. These include:

  • Email notifications – students are emailed once the homework has been assigned and again the day before the due date
  • Calendar – homework tasks are automatically added to the students Google Calendar
  • Submit work electronically from Google Drive
  • Submit work physically and mark the task as complete
  • Parent login

As a parent, you will receive your own login to SmartHomework and be able to see the tasks that have been assigned to your child, when they are due and if they have been completed on time.