Y10 London Theatre Trip – ‘A Christmas Carol’

Students in  year 10 were recently given the exciting opportunity to participate in a trip to the capital city where they were able to partake in a number of activities. The trip ran from Saturday 8th December to Sunday 9th December and included an opportunity to see a live stage performance of A Christmas Carol at The Old Vic, a text students are studying as part of their GCSE English Literature exam.
Other highlights of the visit included a whirlwind visit to Hyde Park’s festive Winter Wonderland and the experience of seeing an expansive view of London from a private pod on The London Eye. The trip undoubtedly proved to be an amazing experience for all students involved. Students were a credit to the school in an environment, which it has to be said, was extremely crowded, as to be expected during the Christmas festivities.

Reflecting on the experience, students have been exceptionally appreciative of the opportunity to visit London, recalling the events of the trip with positivity when speaking with English staff. Just a few of the comments from students can be seen below:

‘London was an amazing school trip. It was really well organised and we had lots of time to do things. We had a very good time as we went to Covent Garden, Waterloo Christmas Market, Winter Wonderland and even took a trip on the London Eye, as well as seeing A Christmas Carol. We did all of this while being very safe thanks to our teachers and we  learned a lot from A Christmas Carol too.’ – Olivia


‘London was really fun! It was very well organised and we made many good memories’ – Hannah


‘The trip was great and we loved experiencing Winter Wonderland’ – Kiera


‘It was a very well organised, good trip. The play was fascinating. We had great fun and my only wish is that the trip had lasted longer! – Imogen