Y10 Medical Mavericks Day

Today, many of our Year 10 pupils  had the opportunity to delve deeper into a career in health. This involved hands-on workshops that introduced a whole range of amazing medical careers from nursing, doctors & paramedics to the more lesser known healthcare scientists.


The workshops included the following activities:

– Use the ultrasound machine to see inside their body

– See inside their eye with an iPhone retina scan

– Record and print an ECG from their heart

– Hear their pulse with a Doppler Probe!

– Try key-hole surgery on a training device used by surgeons

– Use a real needle to take fake blood from a fake arm

– Experience different eye diseases with the pathology goggles

– Test hearing and reflexes

– Take basic medical observations such as blood pressure, oxygen saturation and temperature

From the photographs  you can see that it was a great day!  Well done Year 10s for you interest and hard work in the workshops.

Mrs Barker, Miss Myers and Mrs Smith