Y8 Forensic Science Day – Teesside University

Trinity Year 8 more able students recently visited Teesside University to participate in a STEM Forensic Science Day.

The whole day was based on teamwork and challenges centred around STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) subjects.

There were 4 challenges in all, each one was 75 minutes long:

● Robotics Challenge
● Medicine and diagnostics
● Vehicle Challenge

Trinity Catholic College challenged ten of our more able students from year 8, and they were split into groups of four, consisting of two from Trinity and two from another school.  The groups were scored in each challenge based on 3 key areas; teamwork, productivity and outcome.

We are very pleased to say that four Trinity students, from two different teams, won their challenges. The students, Alice Shannon, Charlie Perkin, William Emery and Kieran Walker,  received certificates and wooden plaques for their outstanding efforts.

The students enjoyed the day immensely and here is a selection of their feedback on the exciting new challenges that they encountered.

I enjoyed the medical and diagnostics challenge the most and I have learned lots of team building skills from this fun experience. This experience has made me consider applying for Teesside University and pursue a medical profession. I would like to thank everyone involved in planning this trip.”

I most enjoyed the vehicle and robotic challenges. It has made me want to pursue a career in robotics. I really enjoyed today and I’m glad I came because it was a very fun day.” – Izzy Gappy

“The thing I liked the most was the robotics session because I enjoyed working on the computers. I enjoyed the whole day because I got to learn new things and work with new people from other schools and people on the other side of the year group.” – Charlie Perkin

My favourite lesson was the vehicle challenge as I am interested in engineering. It has helped me as it presented opportunities and professions that you are able to get into after completing courses.” – Sam Miller

I enjoyed today, I enjoyed the robotics challenge. I would like to come again and it has helped me with my year 9 choices.” – William Emery